Things You Should Be Aware While Summarizing a Research Article

Why Would You Want to Go about Summarizing a Research Article?

Whether you are summarizing a research article or summarizing a newspaper article the process that you are going to go through is very much the same. You need to draw out the main points and rewrite them in your own words. The reasons for doing this is so that someone can understand what the original article is about without having to read through the whole article; you summary may only be a few paragraphs compared to the original. Your summary could then be used within your own work to support your own research and writing.

How Do You Summarize a Research Article?

Summarizing a research article is never going to be easy as you will have to fully understand the original article and know how to produce a meaningful and concise summary of what you have read. Looking at an example of summarizing an article may be able to help you but the following tips will help you get through the process;

  • Read through the article a couple of times to familiarize yourself
  • Jot down the main important points from the research article
  • Try to summarize the article as briefly as possible using those points that you have listed
  • Provide a citation as required
  • Don’t put any form of analysis within your summary

Finding Help with Summarizing a Research Article

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