FAQ: How to Rewrite an Article

We appreciate any and all questions we receive from prospective clients, particularly when they ask what is article rewriting. This is not just a composition exercise at all. There are some people who know how to rewrite articles properly and many who, unfortunately, do not. Here are some of the more general questions that we are asked.

All the above are qualities of the rewriting work that we perform for clients. We see to it that there are no grammatical mistakes and that plagiarism does not jeopardize the article. Our writers are professionals who understand grammar and know what it takes to make an article interesting to read.

How do you start to rewrite the article?
The first step is to actually understand what the author is trying to convey. The meaning behind the original words is important and in order to do that we will confirm details with the client, and double check information in the content.
What are some of the major problems someone faces when rewriting the article?
Misspellings and grammatical errors aside, plagiarism is the most important trouble spot to look out for in rewriting. Those who know how to rewrite an article understand the implications of plagiarism. Not providing proper references for quotation or text is not only embarrassing, it can lead to legal action.
Where some techniques used in rewriting?
It pays to have a Thesaurus close by. A professional rewriter is going to check to see if a paragraph or sentence can be expressed a different way. This means looking for synonyms that are clearer than the original words. A rewrite should never be stiff or awkward. Various sentence structures are considered in a proactive attempt to see to it the words flow.
What is the best evidence of a good rewriting job?
A fresh new look with none of the intentions changed. Rewriting does not mean altering the message content. Facts and figures that were in the original document should be in the rewritten one, only worded in a way that is more readable. The mark of a good rewriting job is that the original text is now engaging and not the eyesore it was before.

We will work with the client to produce that final copy. The result of all of our work is something that the original author will be proud to show on a website or to a prospective customer.

Rewriting is an art form in prose. A good rewrite can make the words dazzle and the message meaningful. We make sure that both are present in the final copy we present a client.

How to rewrite an article? Easy with us!